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A trip of a lifetime that has been a dream of mine for many years. We made it come true this year, including a visit to Chile. WOW, what an experience, one we will never forget. When you think of Antarctica, you think of cold and snow and ice. The cold wasn't too bad, it was the end of their summer and around zero degrees C, and we were dressed properly with lots of layers. There was truly, a lot of ice and snow, but what blew me away, was the colours; blue, green, some purple, red and green on the snow cover, and turquoise water around the base of the icebergs. The sheer size of icebergs can't be appreciated in a photograph, there were some that towered over the height of the ship. They look as though they would lumber along, but they can move very quickly with the currents. You have to be careful when you are out on the Zodiacs, as passages can close up, so the way you came in might be blocked. You have to make sure you have a way of getting out, because those icebergs have a mind of their own. Being a Zodiac driver for the ship may look like an easy task, but that really isn't the case.