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Incredible Iceberg at Sunset in Antarctica
A Floating Tableau, Iceberg in 5 Pieces at Sunset - Antarctica

We were all having dinner, when the Captain announced there was a
spectacular iceberg coming our way. The dining room vacated ( I'm sure the wait staff must be used to this!) and we grabbed cameras and went out on the deck. All 5 pieces of this iceberg were on the same chunk of ice and this structure was huge. One thing with icebergs is that everyone see different things in the structure, animals, people, seals, you name it we saw it. So for me, the character in the middle is the back of the Statue of Liberty, the round berg is a huge old tree stump with vines, and the very big one is a building. What is fascinating with the ice is how the water and the melting process create surfaces that look like hand carving, very delicate and beautiful. The ship did a circle around the structure, so that we could get pictures of front and back. Of course that only makes it more difficult for me to decide which to put up, so I'm starting here.