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The most spectacular Iceberg I've seen, The Blue Princess I call it, Ancient Antarctica  ice
Blue Princess Iceberg
Antarctica in the Far South

We were out on the Zodiac chasing Ice. We saw a bunch of so-so bergs, and then one person on the Zodiac spotted a bright blue dot in the distance. We debated whether to go and look. It was a long ride and if it was nothing, we would have wasted time better spent looking for nearby ice. We decided it was worth the risk, and off we went into the distance. It was about 2 kilometres of a really bumpy fast, heads down ride and then this appeared before us. Totally worth the ride, as you can see. As the light changed in and out, the blues turned in purples and greens, and glowed, totally unbelievable. The colouring shows that it is very ancient ice, the guide thinks it was on the bottom, started to get lighter as it aged and slowly moved up above water. The colours come from the minerals and sediments the ice incorporates into its structure. This is a unique iceberg that was off the beaten path, not many would be able to get to it, and so there won't be many photos taken of it, truly a One of a Kind!